Our Offerings


We are the Pioneer of Purest Gemstones & Astrology Department in Industrial Belt. 
Outside Calcutta UDAYAN was the first purely Astrological concern which was established at Station Bazar, Durgapur-1 by Shri Subhas kumar Lodha in 1981 when he was only 21 years old. His hard work has made UDAYAN a household name in the industrial belt.
UDAYAN deals only in Astrology and astrological gems. On constant request of our patrons and customers however, we have started dealing in silver novelties, diamond jewelries, and real gems jewelries.
We sell only G.S.I. (Geological Survey of India) tested real gems of highest quality. All our astrologers are highly qualified and well versed in astrology and allied subjects. Following Barahamihira’s dictum on a truely gifted astrologer, we stress on the moral excellence of them apart from their erudition. As we have taken astrology as mission towards mankind, our astrologers try to reach to the root of the problem and recommend measures according to the Holy scriptures. To uphold the quality we undertake only limited number of counseling (maximum eight persons in a day).
To enhance awareness among common man about astrology we arranged the ‘Koun Banega Luckpati’ contest in the year 2000 which created quite a sensation in the city.
Unfortunately some imposters have been cheating people using are brand name as well as our goodwill. So we have added our sister concern SAMBHAV’s name with UDAYAN to make it “Udayan – Sambhav” to enable our patrons to distinguish it from the importers.