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Administration in Durgapur

Over the years the industrial city of Durgapur has undergone several administrative changes, till it has reached its present setup. Here is a quick overview of the functioning of the administrative system of the steel city.

Durgapur Municipal CorporationDurgapur Municipal Corporation

The Durgapur Municipal Corporation, with its Mayor as Sri Apurba Mukherjee, Chairman as Sri Suprabhat Mondal and Deputy Mayor as Sri Amitava Bandyopadhyay, is situated  at the City Centre. It had its first election on 25th May 1997 and the fourth one on 3rd June 2012.

Here is a quick glance at the composition and brief history of the Durgapur Municipal Corporation:

  • First Elected Mayor in Council took charge on: 11.06.1997
  • Second Elected Mayor in Council took charge on: 10.06.2002
  • Third Elected Mayor in Council took charge on: 14.06.2007
  • Fourth Elected Mayor took charge on: 29.06.2012
  • M.M.I.C. (PWD, Stores, Purchase & Vehicles): Sri Prabhat Chatterjee
  • M.M.I.C. (Water Supply): Sri Promod Sarkar
  • M.M.I.C. (Resource Mobilization, Public Safety, Lighting & Non-Conventional Energy): Sri Madhusudan Mondal
  • M.M.I.C. (Public Health, Electric Crematorium, Birth & Death Registration): Smt. Lovely Roy
  • M.M.I.C. (SJSRY, Food & Supply, Social Welfare): Smt. Susmita Bhui
  • M.M.I.C. (Education, SC/ST & OBC): Smt. Mani Soren
  • M.M.I.C. (Sports & Culture, Parks & Garden, Paribesh): Smt. Moni Dasgupta
  • Commissioner: Sri Santi Prasad Ghosh, W.B.C.S.(Exe.)
  • Secretary: Sri Prabir Chattopadhyay, W.B.C.S.(Exe.)
  • Chief Advisor (Finance, Development & Planning): Sri Birendra Krishna Banerjee

With 154.20 of total area, it has 43 Wards and 5 Boroughs and a whole lot of contribution to the city which it can proudly boast. Some of the Durgapur Municipal Corporation’s contributions for its people are as follows:

Sahid Bhagat Singh Stadium, where all sorts of outdoor games can be played, and

Sidhu Kanhoo Indoor Stadium, with admirable seating, sound and lighting facilities, will convey the message that the corporation did its best to give to its people both an outdoor as well as an indoor stadium for their physical and all round development.
Srijani, brings to the forefront the corporation’s interest in the development of cultural activities of Durgapur. It is a complex with three halls, where the cultural life of the city in form of seminars and meetings are organised.
Other contributions by the corporation which too does not go unnoticed, are the building of several marriage halls, community halls, shopping mall, electric crematorium, and ambulance service.

The Durgapur Court

Durgapur Court

The Durgapur Court is located in the City Centre and you may call up 09851148066 in case you need any assistance.

Durgapur Consumer Forum

If you are dissatisfied with the service or product of any government or non government organization while you are staying in the industrial town of Durgapur, there is the consumer forum to look into your grievance and give you redressal. You can lodge your complaint online at the following:

There is also a private website made for similar occasions and they are aiming to create as much public awareness possible which will prevent innocent consumers from being cheated. You can post your complain at

MP from Durgapur

Bardhaman Durgapur (Lok Sabha Constituency) is one of the 543 parliamentary constituencies in India and Saidul Haque is the present MP.

Jails in Durgapur

On 20th November, 2013, Mr. Haider Aziz Safwi, the minister for correctional administration department, West Bengal, has suggested to build an open jail in Durgapur, which would be the second in the state. This will be done mainly to distribute the inmates of the other jails of the state, which are all too cramped up. Also, this is being done with the intension to give the jail inmates certain degree of privilege where they would be able to move about and interact with the outside world freely.

Important Contact Numbers

Some useful numbers and information which may come to your need anytime while you are staying there:

Mayor -254 5828
DMC Board Room -254 5811
DMC Office - 254 5842, 254 6107, 254 6994, 254 6472
Fax - 254 5811
STD Code No. -0343
Email :
Web site :

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    Apurba Kumar Sinha member UJAS CO OPERATIVE SOCIETY Saratpally Durgapur from MTPS, BANKURA. 1018 Days ago

    Respected Sir We are a 12 member co operative society, working at DVC , purchased a land at Saratpally, Ward 24 at DMC command area just to reside jointly . Proposed to construct an apartment G+3,constituting 12 unit. We have owned this land on Feb.2016. Since then it takes approx.18 months to complete verious doc e.g. mutation, Adda noc, conversion, fire noc, Forest NOC, soil test certificate etc. another 6.5 months taken by your holding tax Dept. to issue holding no. and at last we have submitted our building plan for approval on 27th March'18 with a priority fees with an hope to get it done within May' per DMCs time frame of 60days to provide public service.There was a chance to use pre rainy and can save some of our crutial time. Till then like other doc. we are roaming around regular basis but not even shown any interest to satisfy us saying a positive gesture. It is learnt that file is still lying for inspection for want of vehicle. We are completely in dark, that is when our approved plan will come into light and we at all can start our construction. We are belongs to middle class group and unable to think for 2nd option at this juncture. 2 of our members just retired also. We really distressed upon our steps of taking such proposal,to reside jointly as well as economically. Sir, can we get/hope for any positive action by informing our problems here, as we unable to reach up to Meyor, DMC since apply for holding no. There are so many hurdle are still to cross, before to complete our proposed apartment after getting the approved plan. Therefore my earnest appeal before you , sir, please help us to save our huge investment already been made to give shape our dream, otherwise Good only knows what is the fate. Hope at least one line response will receive. Thanking you.

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    Amar sharma from Bijupara khatal a-zone durgapur4 1018 Days ago

    Sir/mam I am requesting to you to make good path in my locality . The path is less wider only a motorcycle is riding on this path . I need clear path to ride an ambulance , because in my home a person was suffering major illness on that day we carry her atlist 200 hundred meter distance for ambulance. Our neighbors capturing land in little little and conjesting our path . So I am humbly requesting to you pls send your best staff and clear the path.

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    Rakhal Das Sanjoy from Durgapur,Mamrabazar 1487 Days ago

    Kindly expose this uneducated cheat, working as SBSTC Part time Bus Driver sooner. The Managing Director,Durgapur SBSTC (0343 2556419) /City Centre bus terminus DR.B.C.ROY.AVENUE DURGAPUR – 713201 Dear Sir, Please note that ABHIJIT Halder( Nick name Don or Gunda, uses other name as AVIJIT although in the voter card he uses ABHIJIT HALDER but in the Central Bank Account as Joint Account where he hides his stolen money from close relatives & not paying rent to Land Lords( 3 of them) about 7 to 11 lakhs as AVIJIT Halder ,just check it for Jaliati Crime) , has been working as a bus driver in your SBSTC since April, May,2015 driving at Durgapur Suri, Durgapur Maldah ,Durgapur Dharamtala route is a three times failed Higher secondary in school examination in Durgapur MAMC school. Often he has been suffering from job stress ,three times in each month at least with mumps , cough and cold within three months or frequently as he is a failure in every aspect of job or business being absolutely uneducated , can’t even spell any words in English. He is a psychiatric patient with no emotional expression to any one specially women and elderly. He had at least four accidents while driving truck, while going to Jalpaiguri early morning , involved in an accident that injured his co driver by breakage of arm, lost his newspaper driving job, recently broke in 2013 some one neighbour’s clavicle (collar bone) as he was working for Sriram Vehicle Finance of Durgapur City Centre/Kolkata over argument or demand for over payment missing for eight months as default, then with the help of close relatives he cheated to persuade 11 lakhs total { Since 2011) by saying he is innocent, that is the only thing he can do is hard work of driving that truck and not steal or do rob bank etc. He stopped the Truck outside the residence, a rented odd house ,not good to stay for ever ,being moisture or damp environment and cold. Evidence of Failure in his life other than school education failure: Rich show

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    Rakhal Dasfrom Mamrabazar,Durgapur 1487 Days ago

    Thanks for taking action soon,before a big bus accident happens

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    RAGHUVENDRA SINGHfrom Durgapur 317 Days ago

    Sir I have applied for holding no with all 6 flat members, I have submitted all required paper ON st 06/12/19,our flat plan is sunction in DMC,I am working in indian railway asansole

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