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Catering Services

The catering companies have mouth watering dishes to offer in their menu

The steel city - Durgapur, have food loving people, which is evident from the fact that there are innumerable number of restaurants with various types of cuisines available. Hence it will not be a surprise to know that there are quite a number of catering services as well that are easily available in Durgapur, if you require one.

There are several companies offering catering services in Durgapur

You may treat your near and dear ones in a restaurant, but there are times when it is convenient to treat them at home and avail the catering services to enjoy various types of delicious food. It may not be easy to get catering services just about everywhere. But the industrial city of Durgapur is modern and well equipped with all the utilities and services that one could ask for, and catering service is one of them. There are so many companies offering catering services in Durgapur that you will surely get the one of your choice, without much hassle. Some of the well known catering services and their details are given below:

Appayan Caterer
0343 2534386

Appolo Catering
0343 2553181

Astha Caterer
1 A/20, Vidyapati Rd
Durgapur – 713205

B K Decorators Cum Caterers
Near 12th Street, David Hare Road
Durgapur 713205
0343- 5534450/ 9434311170/ 9332083960

Chatterjee Caterer
Ukhra Astol Road, Ukhra, Durgapur – 713363

Chef Caterer
0343 2571755

Durgapur Decorators And Caterers
Stall No 842, C- Zone Market
Durgapur 713205

Lovely Caterer
17, Kabiguru Sarani
Sail CO-Op
0343 6453465

J.M. Sengupta Road
Near DSP Main Hospital
0343 2566607

Nabanna Caterer
City Centre, Durgapur – 713216
0343- 2544199/ 9434077070

Nandi Caterer
Sarat Chandra West
Chandidas Market

New Amantran Caterer
6B/8, Rabindra Pally
Dhandabag, Durgapur-3
9126496200/ 9932963729

Maha Kali Decorators & Caterer
Stall No-4, Chandidas Market
B-Zone, Durgapur-713205

Niribili Caterer
J.M. Sengupta Road
0343 2544199

Pancha- Byanjan
Bhagat Singh More
C-Zone, Durgapur – 713205

PARTY 24*7
City Centre, Durgapur Express Highway
City Centre, Durgapur – 713216

Chandidas Market

Professional Caterer
WS-3, Tilak Road
B-Zone, Durgapur-5
9733251797/ 9232488037

Raj Lucky Caterers
Steel Parl More
9832212493/ 9332829460

Rastaka Caterer Decorator
Stall No.-47, Marconi Rd
Durgapur – 713205
0343- 2568242

Suruchi Caterer
0343 2586210

Newton Sector Market
B-Zone, Durgapur-5

Sarat Ch. Road, (Near Health Centre)
Also 11 no. street Marconi Avenue
B-Zone, Durgapur-5
9933702473/ 9800850886

Swapan Decorators And Caterers
Trunk Road, Prantika
Durgapur 713204

The Bhoj
Vidyasagar Avenue
B-Zone, Durgapur-5

Tripti Caterer  (They also have home delivery service)
Newton Avenue
B-Zone, Durgapur-5

Universal Caterer
Near Health Centre
B-Zone, Durgapur – 713205
0343- 2560615/ 9832110862/ 9832122589

UP To Date Caterer
New Mkt, Station Rd
Durgapur – 713201

Chandidas Market
B-Zone, Durgapur-5

So, the next time you wish to try out a new dish at home and also treat your guests with it, you have the option of availing the service of the catering company of your choice, and then enjoy the mouth watering dishes that they have to offer in their menu. Some of these catering services have home delivery as well, so you can also order the food home, and it will reach you at your doorstep, without any hassle.

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