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Emergency Services in Durgapur

Whether you are a resident of the industrial city of Durgapur or you are a tourist visiting the steel city, it is of utmost importance to keep some of the emergency helpline numbers in hand, so that you do not feel at a complete loss during time of need. As they say, prevention is better than cure, it is essential for all of us to know some of the emergency contacts of the area we are in. This goes a long way in preventing a lot of unnecessary hazards and complications that would have otherwise arisen.

Police in Durgapur

Police in Durgapur

The police of any place or city are the ultimate protectors, looking into the law and order and maintaining the harmony of the area.
They look into the well being of the citizens and prevent any wrong doing that may harm the society.

For this very reason, it is a wise decision to keep some of the helpline numbers of the police handy, so that we are able to avert any untoward incident that could otherwise create a chaos. Some of the important police contact numbers of Durgapur are as follows:

  • The Additional Commissioner of Police (Durgapur): 0343 – 2562762
  • Durgapur Police Station : 0343-2564081
  • Police Control Room : Edison Road, B-Zone, 50343-2562266 / 2564165
  • A- Zone P.S. : 0343-2570924
  • B-Zone P.S. : A.D.D.A. 1st Administrative Building, 0343-2564082
  • Faridpur P.S. : 0343-2545085
  • Waria P.S. : 0343-2583779
  • D.T.P.S. P.S. : 0343-2590315
  • Coke Oven P.S. : 0343-2555060
  • N.T.S. P.S. : 0343-2558168
  • Kanksa P.S. : 0343-2524244

Fire Service in Durgapur

Fire Service in Durgapur

They say fire is a good servant but a bad master. You never know when a fire can suddenly go out of hand and turn into a disaster.

So nothing can be better than keeping some of the important contact numbers of the fire services of Durgapur, so that even if a fire breaks out, it can be controlled before too much damage is done. 101 is the emergency number to call the fire service in case of any emergency. The other contacts are as follows:

  • D.S.P. Steel Township: 0343-2563733
  • City Centre: 0343-2546061/2544083
  • Labourhat: 0343-2556866

Ambulance Service in Durgapur

Ambulance Service in Durgapur

Another important service which we may require at any given time is that of the ambulance.

Our friends, relatives or any of our near and dear ones may suddenly need medical help and may be required to be rushed to the nearest hospital.

Taking them in an ambulance will be a much better decision as they have the necessary infrastructure needed to be provided to the patient on the way.

  • The Durgapur Municipal Corporation
  • The Municipal Corporation in Durgapur provides ambulance services. You can contact them at 0343-2546994
  • Lions Club in Benachity : 0343-2573419
  • Bhiringee Kalibari in Benachity: 0343-2582969
  • Gamon Friends Club: 0343-2554088
  • Ramkrishna Vivekananda Charitable Trust, in Bidhannagar: 09933055852/ 9333906980
  • Sarada Group of Company, in City Centre : 8001761168
  • Automobile Association of Eastern India: 9434250611

Blood Banks in Durgapur

Blood Banks in Durgapur

There are blood banks in Durgapur whose services you may need in case of an emergency.

The helpline numbers in case blood is required for any of your near ones are as follows:

  • Bidhan Nagar S.D. Hospital : 0343-2536968
  • D.S.P. Main Hospital : 0343-2568307

Eye Banks in Durgapur

Another very essential part of our body without which living becomes very difficult is the eye. So the availability of an eye bank in your area is an additional plus point, and the city of Durgapur can proudly boast of this facility as well. Some of the important contact numbers of the eye banks are as follows:
  • S.D.O. Office, City Centre : 0343-2545141/2548026
  • Free Eye Clinic : 0343-2557647/2553944

Chemists in Durgapur

These days each and every one of us has someone in the family who has health issues and needs to be under medication. You will not fall in trouble even in Durgapur as this city provides a lot of chemists where you can find the medicine that you may require. Some of the chemists and their contact numbers are as follows:

  • City Medical Store : 0343-2545614
  • Ray Medical, Benachity : 0343-2573678
  • National Medical Hall, Benachity : 0343-2583189
  • Ratan De Medicine : 0343-2574087
  • Dr. B.C. Roy College of Pharmacy and AHS : 0343-2532882
  • City Medico, City Centre: 0343-2549485
  • Jyoti Medical Hall, Durgapur Steel Town East : 9851393827

Durgapur is a well developed and well equipped city. So you will never fall in trouble in case of an emergency, because help will be soon at hand.

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