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Junction Mall in Durgapur

Junction Mall in Durgapur

Junction Mall is one of the largest Malls in not only Durgapur but also in the state of West Bengal. Just like any other international malls, Junction Mall too has restaurants, food courts, cafes, multiplex, departmental stores, gaming zones, and stores selling clothes and accessories. It has an excellent management system as well as a good infrastructure, with well trained staff, properly designed exits, stairways, parking space, etc. All this makes Junction Mall a favourite hangout spot for both young and old.

Junction Mall opens at 11 A.M. in the morning and closes at 9 P.M. at night. The restaurants and food courts though have a different timing. They open at 11 A.M. but continue till 11 P.M. at night.

Facilities Available in Junction Mall

Junction Mall has been designed by a well known Singaporean architect Stephen Coates, and has all kinds of facilities that will make the visit to this mall pleasant and enjoyable. Care has been taken so that none feel any kind of inconvenience during their visit to this mall. Some of the facilities offered by Junction Mall are:

Drinking water: This is one such requirement which none of us can do without. It may be possible that you feel thirsty and have finished the water you were carrying, or maybe you do not have drinking water with you. In such cases, having a drinking water facility close at hand helps a lot. This is why Junction Mall has good drinking water facilities which help people quench their thirst during need.

Toilets: Yet another requirement that we cannot avoid is the requirement to go to the toilet. We are often at a situation when we have to desperately look for a public toilet in a place which does not have any. But you can relax when you are in Junction Mall, as you need not go searching for toilets when you require visiting it. There are good and clean toilet facilities that you can avail if needed.

Escalators: Climbing up the stairs is an extremely difficult job for the old people or those who have a leg injury. Also you may find it difficult when you are carrying heavy shopping bags with you. Keeping your comforts while shopping in mind, the mall is equipped with escalators that makes going up and down the floors easy and quick. You do not have to be out of breath and panting when you have just reached the top floor. Instead, you can continue with your shopping with comfort and ease.

Escalators in Junction Mall

Lift: Lift is also an essential requirement when you need to go up the floors, easily and quickly. Some people may not find using the escalator quite convenient, and would prefer the lift instead. You can go up the floors with everyone else in your group without having to face the hassle of climbing up the stairs. Junction Mall has this facility too, and helps you to make your visit to this mall enjoyable.

Dustbin: Cleanliness is next to godliness. Keeping your surrounding clean helps to maintain hygiene as well as increases the beauty of the place. You would love to hang out in a place which is spick and span, and definitely not in a dirty and littered place. So the use of dustbin becomes essential when you need to dispose some of your unwanted things. Junction Mall helps you to maintain the neatness of the place by providing dustbins to throw your garbage.

Public Telephone: Not all of us have a mobile phone with us all the time. There may be instances where you need to call up someone for an emergency. Junction Mall provides you the facility of public telephones so there is no need to worry about reaching out to your near and dear ones when you are away from home and in a public place.

ATM: Shopping requires money. So does eating out and watching movies. You may have gone to Junction Mall for either of these activities and there may be instances when you run out of cash. Also some places do not accept credit cards, etc. For such cases you need to withdraw money from the ATM. This facility too is available in this mall and you can get your cash if you require.

Car Parking: In most places the greatest problem is to find a place to park your car. However such is not the case in Junction Mall. You can visit this place without the worry of having to find a parking area. There is the facility for car parking with ample space to park several cars.

Cycle Parking: Not everyone owns a car or takes his car everywhere he goes. You may be living nearby and would prefer to visit Junction Mall in your cycle. This is also possible as there is the facility of cycle parking here.

Emergency Exit: No matter how well the inside of a building is designed it is never complete if there is no provision of emergency exits. Every public place should have one, and so does Junction Mall. If there are emergency exits, there will never be a chance of a complete chaos in times of an emergency like fire, etc. where people needs to be evacuated quickly. Junction Mall has made good arrangements for such instances as well, keeping the safety and security of its customers in mind.

Staircase: Modern facilities like escalators and lifts can at any moment develop a technical snag and become out of order. Instead of being stranded in that location it is always a better option to have the alternative facility of the staircase which can be used during such types of emergencies, to reach a safe location.

First Aid: Junction Mall has first aid facilities as well, which can come handy in case of any unfortunate accident, if at all it occurs. So you can imagine that this mall is an absolute safe place for you to be in and have a good time with your friends and family.

CCTV: Close circuit televisions are always necessary in a huge public place like the Junction Mall to keep a track of all the activities that take place during the course of the day. This in a way ensures safety as well, because any miscreants can easily be caught in this manner.

Mobile Charging: This facility seems to have gained the utmost importance in today’s world, where the use of mobile phones has become a part and parcel of our lives. Junction Mall realizes the importance to keep your mobile phone charged and for this reason offers the facility of its charging.

Information Desk: Any big public place should have an information desk, and Junction Mall is of no exception. It has the facility of an information desk where there are people to provide you with all the information you need to know, and help you out in case you are in need.

Kids Play Area: Junction Mall provides you with the facility of a kid’s play area where you can leave your child to play and enjoy your food, or watch a movie, or do your shopping without the need to keep an eye on your child throughout. Junction Mall understands that you too need time for yourself sometimes, and takes care of your children, keeps them engaged in play and makes them happy.

Food in Junction Mall

Food in Junction Mall

Not only restaurants but most of the major brands of fast food eateries are also available in the Junction Mall.  You can enjoy a great dinner in one of the restaurants. If you do not wish to have your food in a restaurant you also have the option to enjoy mouth watering snacks in some of the well known outlets here. Given below is a quick glance at the different types of eating joints in Junction Mall:

Food Bazaar
Store No. LG 03,
Lower Ground

309, Third Floor

Lower Ground

Buzz Court International
Store No. 319,
Third Floor

Café Coffee Day
Upper Ground

Chai Break
Store No. 304 A,
Third Floor

Cream and Fudge
Upper Ground

Kathleen Confectionery
Store No. 310
Third Floor

Lemongrass Restaurant
Store No. 302+303,
Third Floor

Mainland China
Store No. 301
Third Floor

Pizza Corner
Store No. UG-14,
Upper Ground
Store No.  402+403,
Fourth Floor

Stores in Junction Mall

If you love clothes and love shopping too, then Junction Mall is a great place for you to do a good amount of shopping. You will find stores of all the branded companies here, like Pantaloons, Raymond, Fabindia, Turtle, Vanheusen, Louis Philippe, Lee,  Converse, Turtle, Pepe Jeans, Moustache Jeans, Peter England, Gini and Jony, Hoffmen, Lilliput, Levi’s Jeans, Allen Solly, Siyaram’s,  Shopper’s Stop, Wrangler, Manyavar, Biba, and the list continues!

Junction Mall has added to the overall value of the industrial city of Durgapur. It has brought in fashion as well as entertainment to the people of this city. It has become one of the most frequented places in the city, by people of all age groups and is a favourite hangout spot. You get to enjoy so many activities, all under the same roof. This is the greatest advantage of Junction Mall.

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